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 Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Qatar

Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Qatar

Have you just landed in Qatar and start a business there? But now you are looking for a property? So, sit tight! Because we’ve got an entire list of the real estate companies in Qatar. So, Step right into the charming world of real estate in Qatar as we unveil the Top 10 Real Estate Companies that are making waves in this vibrant industry. So, get ready for a virtual adventure where you’ll be introduced to the ground breaker who are redefining the very fabric of Qatar’s skyline.

Firstly, imagine yourself walking through luxurious properties, exploring innovative designs, and witnessing architectural wonders that will leave you in awe. Also, along the way, we’ll reveal fascinating insights, success stories, and the secrets behind their phenomenal achievements. So, put on your virtual explorer’s hat and join us on this interactive journey through the crème de la crème of Qatar’s real estate scene. Are you ready to embark on this thrilling expedition? Let’s dive in together and experience the best of real estate companies of Qatar, like never before!

Here’s the list of the top 10 companies you must contact for your property.

  • AlDar Properties
  • Barwa Real Estate
  • Qatari Diar
  • 25 spaces real estate
  • Ezdan Real Estate
  • Aamal Company QSC
  • Zukhrof Real Estate
  • Al Emadi Enterprises
  • FGrealty
  • Al Jassim Group

1) Aldar Properties: Transforming Qatar's Real Estate Landscape

Aldar Properties

AlDar Properties is one of the premier real estate company in Qatar that is known for its commitment to excellence and innovation. So, with a diverse portfolio of residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects, AlDar Properties has transformed Qatar’s urban landscape. Also their iconic developments redefine skylines and offer world-class properties that cater to evolving customer needs. Other than that, backed by a dedicated team of professionals, AlDar Properties continues to set new industry standards, contributing to the growth and development of Qatar’s real estate sector.


contact: +974 44422114

Address: Al Jazira Street Bin Mahmoud, Doha-Qatar


2) Barwa Real Estate:

barwa real estate

Barwa Real Estate is a prominent player in Qatar’s real estate market, specializing in the development as well as management of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. So, with a focus on sustainable practices, Barwa has established a strong presence with its high-quality and diverse project portfolio. It is one of the most important real estate companies of Qatar. firstly, From luxurious residential communities to state-of-the-art office spaces and retail developments, Barwa Real Estate consistently delivers exceptional properties that meet the demands of a rapidly growing market.


contact: Fax: (+974) 44088885

Address: Barwa Al Sadd Towers, Tower No. 1, Suhaim bin Hamad Street – C Ring Road, Doha, Qatar


3) Qatari Diar:

qatar diar

Qatari Diar is a leading global real estate company in Qatar that is recognized for its commitment to creating strong and iconic developments. So, with a profile moving around all over the Qatar and international markets, Qatari Diar has become a key player in the industry. Also, their projects include luxury hotels, residential complexes, mixed use developments, and master planned communities, all showing architectural brilliance and a dedication to the built environment.


contact: Tel: (+974) 44974444, Fax: (+974) 44974333

Address: Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company Lusail City Doha, Qatar



4) Spaces Real Estate:

space real estate

So, are you looking for a trusted real estate company in Qatar? Look no further than 25 Spaces Real Estate. So, as a leading real estate agency, they work in helping clients find their dream properties in Qatar. Undoubtedly, their dedicated team of professionals has alot of knowledge of the local markets. It also provides personalized services tamed to your unique needs. Whether you’re searching for a luxury villa, a good space apartment, or a commercial property, they have a wide range of options to suit every life style and budget. Undoubtedly, Trust 25 Spaces Real Estate to guide you through the property buying or renting process in Qatar and make your real estate dreams a reality.


contact: +974 4464 2525

Address: The Pearl – Qatar, Medina Centrale Al Hambra St. Building No. 8, Unit No. 64 PO Box 14050 Doha, Qatar

5) Ezdan Real Estate:

Ezdan Real Estate

Ezdan Real Estate is a significant player in Qatar’s real estate market so specialized in the development and management of residence and commercial properties. it is one of the leading real estate company in Qatar. Also, known for their commitment to provide an affordable housing options, Ezdan offers a range of residential units, from apartments to villas, with modern need and community facilities. So their focus on providing comfortable and cost friendly living spaces has made Ezdan Real Estate a preferred choice for residential area in Qatar.


contactTel: +974 40403000Fax: +(974) 4412 5662

Address: P.O BOX 30503, DOHA, QATAR

6) Aamal Company QSC:

aamal company QSC

Aamal Company QSC is a diverse real estate company in Qatar, as well as investement partner with interests in various sectors including real estate development, property management, and industrial projects. so, with a strong portfolio of commercial and residential properties, Aamal Company QSC has made significant contributions to Qatar’s real estate sector. other than that, their commitment to excellence and sustainable practices is evident in the quality and success of their projects.


contact: +974 4468 1950

Address: Head office: P.O. Box: 40632 Doha, Qatar

7) Zukhrof Real Estate:

Zukhrof Real Estate

Zukhrof Real Estate is a well known real estate company in Qatar, so specializing in property development and management. So, with a focus on creating a residential communities and commercial spaces, Zukhrof Real Estate offers high-end properties that embody elegance and sophistication. Also, their attention to detail, elegant designs, and exceptional craftsmanship makes Zukhrof Real Estate a best choice for those seeking premium real estate options.


contact+974 44422223

Address: Muntaza Trading Center, Hiteen Street, Muntazah Doha Qatar 2nd floor, office #5 And Office #6, Doha, Qatar


8) Al Emadi Enterprises:

al emadi enterprises

Al Emadi Enterprises is a dynamic business union in Qatar. Also, with a diverse profile moving multiple industries, including real estate, construction, hospitality, and trading, Al Emadi Enterprises is known for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. So, with all of these services, it is one of the important real estate companies in Qatar. Their team of experienced professionals works gladly to deliver new solutions and quality services, making them a trusted choice for both local and international clients. From property development to facility management, Al Emadi Enterprises continues to drive growth and provides importantly to Qatar’s business land scape.


contact+974 4466 6625

Address: 196, Main Airport Road, Al Emadi Building 2nd Floor, P.O.Box: 3890, Doha, Qatar

9) FGRealty:


FGRealty is a leading real estate company in Qatar, also offering a wide range of premium properties and exceptional services. so, as experts in the local market, FG Realty understands the unique needs and preferences of clients seeking to buy, sell, or rent properties in Qatar. Moreover, With a user friendly website, fgrealty, it provides a good browsing experience, that allows the visitors to explore a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious villa, a stylish apartment, or a prime office space, FG Realty has a comprehensive selection to cater to your specific requirements. Also, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, FG ensures transactions and personalized guidance throughout the real estate journey. it is part of the best real estate companies in Qatar.


Contact: +97430451451 in Qatar, +97430451451 outside of Qatar

Address: Al Jazeera Tower, Doha, Qatar


10) Al Jassim Group:

Al Jassim Group:

Al Jassim Group is a renowned union in Qatar with a legacy of excellence corss over several decades. so, with a wide array of businesses under its shadow, including construction, engineering, trading, and manufacturing, Al Jassim Group has established a solid reputation for providing high-quality products and services. Their commitment to new things, greater planning, and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the ruthless market. Whether it’s iconic infrastructure projects or cutting edge industrial solutions, Al Jassim Group consistently delivers exceptional results. It also has best building material suppliers in Qatar. With a forward thinking approach and a dedicated team, they continue to shape Qatar’s business land scape and contribute to its development. so, this is why it makes to the list of top 10 real estate companies in Qatar.


contact: +974 44329363 / 44466222, Fax +974 44329365

Address: 15th Floor, Al Jassim Tower Suhaim Bin Hamad Street C-Ring Road, Doha, Qatar
P.O Box – 790


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